Majlo is Maja Långbacka and Samuel LoopTok Andersson creating a world of music together. They are both well known within the Swedish folk scene (Hedningarna, Punsch) and much appreciated for their energy and modern attitude.


Majlo played live at the Nobel banquet of 2012 alongside Cirkus Cirkör. They also performed at the 2013 Polar Music Prize which led to subsequent deal with BMG Chrysalis.


Since then, alongside producing and creating the music for their upcoming album, they have continued to work with several Cirkus Cirkör productions (including Borders and Knitting Peace) with Samuel serving as an innovative composer. Borders will air on Swedish national television (SVT) this spring.


Maja Långbacka is a singer, songwriter and musician widely acclaimed as one of the most interesting and talented young folk singers in Sweden today. With her strong, uncompromising voice Maja aspires to erase the division between folk and other musical genres. British music magazine R2 sums it up: "Her voice is pure, clear, warm and free from unnecessary ornamentation. She makes it sound so easy, and it is difficult not to give in to the magic of her voice."


Samuel LoopTok Andersson is a multi-instrumentalist known for seamlessly blending different genres and, through the integration of live electronics, creating something both unique and contemporary. Samuel is the youngest member of legendary folk-rock band Hedningarna and is also a critically acclaimed composer.

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